durrrr Challenge changeup: $500/$1,000 action

Tom Dwan
A frustrated Tom Dwan.

Rather than put in another durrrr Challenge session, Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius welcomed any and all customers for a little $500/$1,000 No-Limit Hold'em on Full Tilt Sunday night.

Apparently the only player to accept the invitation and take a seat was high-stakes regular POKERBLUFFS.

In what has become his familiar style, POKERBLUFFS sat for only 21 hands, but that was still long enough to pull a hit-and-run on Dwan.

After catching a lucky river card to win a $110k pot, POKERBLUFFS immediately logged off, taking his fresh profit with him and calling it a night.

The hit-and-run is a technically-legal-yet-frowned-upon practice in cash-game poker. But when you sit across from the best players in the world for long enough, there's a good chance you'll end up broke.

So although POKERBLUFFS is becoming known as a hit-and-run artist, his strategy appears to be an effective one as he's consistently growing his online roll while some of the players who stick it out at the nosebleeds for longer end up with million-dollar deficits.

Just three minutes after getting hit-and-run, Dwan reloaded to get it all in on the flop with pocket nines against Antonius's top pair of eights, resulting in the largest pot of the night worth over $186k.

Unfortunately for Dwan, just eight minutes later Antonius won an almost identical $178k pot with pocket nines against his top pair of sixes.

At the end of the night Dwan had won just $50,000 off of Antonius, almost exactly what he lost to the hit-and-run of POKERBLUFFS.

POKERBLUFFS finished his night with just over $60,000 in profits making him the largest winner in all No-Limit and Pot-Limit games.

Here are the three largest pots of the session, all of which happened within 11 minutes of each other. If you want to see any more hands from the night, click over to MarketPulse.

Wayne Gretzky always wins.

The hit before the run.

Dwan missed a bet.

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