durrrr Challenge: Antonius takes back lead

Patrik Antonius

It was déjà vu for Tom Dwan as Patrik Antonius dominated their heads-up battle for the second straight night, winning $400k and taking back the lead in the durrrr Challenge.

Last night's slaughter was a 1,241 hand session lasting nearly 4 hours. In that time the two players built 11 pots worth over $100k, Antonius winning 8 of them.

At the end of the $400k session, Antonius finished the night with a $76k overall profit in the Challenge.

The largest pot of the night came in at just under $230k and it was awarded to Tom Dwan after he hit a second pair on the turn to crack his opponent's pocket aces. Without this lucky break the session could have been an even bigger hit to durrrr's bottom line.

With nothing but second pair and a few weak backdoor straight draws, it was highly possible Dwan could have been drawing nearly dead to Antonius, who had lead out for a pot-sized bet.

Regardless of whether luck or a good read derserved the credit, Dwan was drawing live. But he still only had 11 outs to beat the overpair.

This being the second session in as many days, it's beginning to appear as if the players might be on board with getting this Challenge finished in a timely fashion.

durrrr Challenge by the numbers:

  • 174,501,617: Total amount wagered in the challenge
  • 140,000,000: Most money paid for a painting (it was a Jackson Pollock)
  • 81,112: Amount durrrr is behind
  • 22,683: Total hands played so far
  • 12,271: Price of a round trip flight from Seattle to Sydney
  • 45: Percentage of challenge completed

Here are the three largest pots from the session:

Dwan gets lucky.

Set over set, bet over bet.

84 Outs.

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