The blen-durrrr: Dwan liquidates mixed game foes

Tom Dwan

After struggling to keep afloat since following Gus Hansen to Full Tilt's mixed-game tables, Tom "durrrr" Dwan had his first big 7-Game win taking home over $584k last night.

In addition to his 7-Game profit, Dwan made an additional $66k playing Omaha, putting him up over $650k for the night.

Almost the entire online poker world made it out for the action with Gus Hansen and Richard Ashby both making over $100k, and Patrik Antonius, John Juanda, Justin Smith, and David Benyamine all making small profits.

But the list of losers was even more impressive with Chau Giang (-$268k), Cole South (-$249k), Nizot Skizared ($-157k), Phil Ivey (-$150k), Sirens (-$124k) and Brian Hastings (-$115k) all taking big hits.

Even David Oppenheim and Allen Cunningham sat for a few hands, donating tens of thousands to the durrrr fund.

Away from the mixed games, Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond and Rob "Vega_Lion" Akery decided to gamble, taking multiple flips for $30k a piece.

When agreeing to flip, both players wager the agreed apon amount pre-flop, regardless of their hands, and check down all streets. The result is a 50% shot for each player to win the pot, similar to flipping a coin.

In total, Galfond and Akery took 26 $60k flips, with Galfond winning an impressive 17.

Galfond's 65% win-rate for the flips netted him $270k, which he turned into a total $386k profit before the end of the night, $334,000 of which came from Akery.

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