The 12 days of poker

Evelyn Ng
Evelyn NG: Bodog Poker pro.

Sing: "On the twelfth day of poker, Bodog gave to me/A package for the Bodog Poker Open 3." With a tournament a day from Dec. 21 to Jan. 1, there's no excuse not to get in on the action.

One tournament a day, and the better you finish, the harder you'll rock the leaderboards. At the end of the 12 days players topping the leaderboards get a free entry into the grand finale tournament.

Those who finish fifth to 100th will duke it out in a semifinal tournament, and the top 18 finishers from there will join the top four leaderboard finishers in the grand finale.

The grand finale, consisting of 27 players (after five seats are awarded via a random draw of all players to have competed in at least five of the daily poker events), awards Bodog Poker Open 3 packages (including buy-in to all of the Bodog Poker Open 3 events) to the top three finishers, while fourth to 10th places will win a seat to a "Bodog Flight Club Semifinal".

The Bodog Flight Club (that's cockpit, not Brad Pitt) is a new Bodog Poker promotion to be launched in early January 2009.

If you're already a Bodog player, click here for the full schedule of the 12 days of poker. If not, sign on up by heading to our Bodog room review to join in the festivities, along with a multitude of sign-up bonuses from

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