Texas Hold'em legal in Wyoming bars starting Monday

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Wyoming residents are preparing to shuffle up and deal as a new law allowing Texas Hold'em in bars and other establishments goes into affect on Monday.

Up until 2004 poker games were allowed in public establishments, and then Attorney General Pat Crank declared the games illegal.

Even though the establishments were profiting from the game through a rake, Crank declared that the games resulted in increased business for the establishments, thereby constituting a profit from the games and thus illegal under state laws.

So technically, bars and restaurants hosting social, friendly games, could be found liable and charged with felony gambling.

The Attorney General's view led to confusion over what the law actually is and games no longer being played in public place.

To rectify the situation, legislation was introduced in the state legislature to make it clear that public poker games were ok as long as the house isn't taking a cut from the games.

Even though the new law goes into effect Monday, there may still be some confusion to clear up.

The Wyoming Tribue-Eagle reported Friday that businesses in Cheyenne aren't planning to open their doors to poker just yet as there is a city ordinance that prohibits it still.

City Attorney Mike Basom told the Tribune-Eagle that though no one from the City Council has requested resolving the conflict between the city ordinance and the state statute, he would recommend police departments filing charges based on the state law, not the city one.

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