Another Texas group seeks to legalize poker in state

Texas pokers players have gained a new advocate with the Texas Association of Poker Players (TAPP). The organization joins Texas Poker PAC, a pro-poker lobbying group that formed in March, with its goal of legalizing poker in the state so Texans can legitimately compete in special tournaments and charity events, as well as play in public poker rooms or clubs and even online.

TAPP founder Wayne Long is already in talks to retain legal representation with a top Austin firm, and is enlisting support from other state residents to make poker an issue for the 2007 state legislation.

According to the group's website, they plan to employ two approaches to amend the state's statute that makes poker illegal. They will try to either get a bill submitted and passed that exempts poker from the current statute or get an amendment to the current statute. The group believes that if Texans were given the opportunity to vote on the issue, poker would be legalized.

Long says on the site, "It's ridiculous that we can't play Texas Hold'em in Texas" and welcomes all the thousands of Texan poker lovers to join the group and support the effort to legalize the game.

"If poker players in Texas get on board and join the Association, we'll have the support needed to show Austin that this is a serious sport played by millions around the country and thousands of Texans - who want to play legally. TAPP invites everyone from beginner to pro to join our community and become a member," Long said.

More information about TAPP can be found on their website at

For details on Texas Poker PAC, please see Texas Poker PAC pushes for legalization of poker.

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