Tempe businessman sends poker tables to troops

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A Tempe, Ariz., business owner did his part this week to support the troops in Iraq - he sent them some poker tables.

According to the Arizona Republic, Randy Ying donated three custom-built poker tables to a Marine Corps unit in Iraq this week.

The tables have already been constructed and packaged and will soon be on their way to Iraq, complete with the image of the Marine Corps group's VMM-162 logo on the felt surface.

Ying said in the Republic article that donating tables was just something he could do to make the Marines' time a little more enjoyable since they're risking their lives each day.

Ying, who owns Rye Park LLC, a gaming supply company, has used his goods to help support organizations in the past as well. He recently donated a poker table to a group of helicopter pilots in Odessa, Texas for a fundraiser.

Ying found out the Marine squadron was looking for poker tables when he was contacted by Capt. Zachary Webb, the squadron's family readiness officer.

Webb had seen Ying's Web site and inquired about obtaining tables for the troops.

"It's just a good way for me to do my part and support the troops," Ying said about his donation in the Arizona Republic.

The tables have already been sent to North Carolina, where the squadron is headquartered. From there they will be sent to Iraq.

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