Tehan Lays Sick Bubble Beat to Grab Epic Lead

Joe Tehan
Joe Tehan.

Joe Tehan is the runaway leader with 12 players left at the Epic Mix Max Main Event in Vegas, but it took an ill-timed bluff and sick bubble beat to get him there.

With 14 players remaining, Tehan got involved in a huge pot with Vanessa Rousso and Faraz Jaka that ended the day and catapulted him into the lead heading into Day 4 tomorrow.

To start the hand, Jaka moved all-in for 68k from under the gun with A A and Rousso raised to 120k with Q Q.

Tehan asked Rousso how much she had behind and then moved all-in for about 300k - with 4 2.

Rousso made the call and was in great position to win the big side pot but a four on the flop and another on the turn stole the pot for Tehan.

Jaka and Rousso both hit the rail on the money bubble and Tehan bagged 1,142,000 and the chip lead to end the night.

All players left are now assured at least $51,920 as they play down to the final table tomorrow. Top prize is $797,680.

As the last segment in the Mix Max format, the final twelve wil play four-handed.

Sitting in second heading into the day is Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi, who bagged up 627,500. In third is Scott Clements with 496,000.

Notable players from the final 25 that started the day to bust short of the money included Brock Parker, Eric Baldwin, Randal Flowers, Justin "BoostedJ" Smith, Sam Stein and Yevgeniy Timoshenko.

The complete chip counts heading into Day 4, courtesy of :

1. Joe Tehan 1,142,000

2. Michael Mizrachi 627,500

3. Scott Clements 496,000

4. Amit Makhija 424,000

5. Hafiz Khan 417,000

6. Jason Mercier 394,500

7. Chris Klodnicki 371,500

8. Andrew Lichtenberger 298,500

9. David Williams 242,500

10. Noah Schwartz 225,000

11. Sorel Mizzi 185,000

12. Amnon Filippi 162,000

Play resumes at noon tomorrow from the Palms in Las Vegas. Check the seating assignments and follow along with the live updates here.

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