Technology to take televised poker to another level

The company Sagentia recently announced that it has developed a special ink and software that will change how televised poker is produced. The ink will allow invisible infra-red bar codes on playing cards that can be read through software so that hole-card cameras will become a thing of the past.

The card identification system, called Perlego, was developed by Sagentia and its client iKnowledge.

According to a release from Sagentia, the benefit of Perlego is that information can be delivered direct to the TV screen from the moment the card is dealt rather than waiting for players to show their cards to cameras.

The system works by printing 2D data matrix barcodes on cards with the new ink. The ink is smudge and scuff proof and invisible to the human eye. It also leaves the cards looking and feeling identical to non-printed ones.

To read the cards, a standard camera with a filter capable of reading the codes under infra-red light is linked to a computer that can decode them. They've also developed an image processing system that provides a continuous output to iKnowledge's TV graphics system.

"Perlego is a dramatic step forward in delivering the fastest and most accurate game play content on-screen," said Kevan Moretti, iKnowledge cofounder and commercial director. "At the same time it offers producers a significant cost advantage for poker and card play productions."

The system will be faster, more secure and more accurate than the traditional approach, plus costs can be significantly reduced because fewer operators and observers are needed.

Perlego is currently being offered to producers of televised poker programs.

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