Technical difficulties stop Full Tilt's $300,000 guarantee

Competing with the Super Bowl wasn't Full Tilt Poker's only problem Sunday night. Due to technical difficulties, the $300,000 Sunday Guarantee was stopped and never re-started.

With 32 players left in Full Tilt Poker's $300,000 Sunday guarantee, the site went down and play stopped. The action never started again, and per the Full Tilt rules regarding technical difficulties, the remaining players split the prize money based on their relative stack sizes at the time of the crash.

Meanwhile at, 5,709 people played in the Sunday Million, building a prize pool of $1,141,800; impressive figures considering it was Super Bowl Sunday.

Player MortalNutzz won the tournament and walked away with $165,258 in prize money.

In the final hand, MortalNutzz called his opponent eskimo's all-in holding Ah-Jh. Eskimo flipped over 3h-3c, but was beaten when MortalNutzz made a pair of jacks on the flop.

The final table results were as follows:

1stMortalNutzz $165,258
2nd eskimo $84,758
3rd Roberts34 $84,758
4th BRAZILLLLLLA $50,239.20
5th TheBigViking $38,821.20
6th cup_o_java $27,974.10
7th johnjoel1 $19,981.50
8th raydavis77 $11,988.90
9th MYT611 $7,535.88

Results based on finishing order and three-way deal that left $30,000 for first place.

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