Team drafts pooqi and alepat66

Team has added the first two players to its 2007 World Series of Poker roster and the names on the back of the jerseys are pooqi and alepat66.

The players took the top two spots at the WSOP Online Final Saturday.

The coup has landed both in the signature green hoodies donned by Team stars such as Ricki "riverricki" Neilsen, who outlasted all of the site's other sponsored players to place 35th in last year's Main Event.

The last hand of the weekend final - with $1,500/$3,000 blinds - was a family pot, seeing pooqi holding A-J, alepat66 with pocket queens and lyki67 short stacked and sitting on big slick. A-K was enough for lyki67 to push all-in, and for the others to call.

The players checked after the flop comes 2-T-Q, but when the ace arrived on the turn, pooqi bet $6,000, which was called by alepat66. Both checked a five on the river and when lyki67 busted, the final two secured their spots with Team

The event was the first of a series offered by the poker room until June 9. If you win one of the site's finals, you could score a $15,000 package to play in the Main Event, $500 spending money and accommodation at Caesars Palace for the two-week tournament.

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