TDA Summit results in new poker tournament rules

The third annual Tournament Directors Association (TDA) Summit took place last week with 116 attendees from casinos and card rooms from around the world. The summit's goal was to discuss new rules and revisions to current rules to improve the poker industry.

Previously, the TDA had a set of 38 rules, and now the list has been extended to 40 with changes and additions.

"We are extremely happy that the summit was so successful," said the TDA in a statement on their Web site. "To get that large of a group to be unified on so many rules seemed like an impossible task, but somehow it happened."

The most significant change to the rules was in regards to penalties.

In the past, time penalties had been used to penalize players for breaking the rules. A player would be left out of play and have to leave the table for a certain amount of time. However, the actual severity of the penalty could end up differing from player-to-player depending on how fast or slow game play was while they were gone.

When the new rules go into affect March 15 at TDA compliant establishments, penalties will be given in hands played rather than time.

For example, at a full 10-player table, the minimum penalty will be to miss one round of play, which would be ten hands. Penalties up to four rounds can be assessed, and there is potential for total disqualification as well.

The rules involve everything from floor people to official language and misdeals to table etiquette.

The TDA also welcomes tournament directors, players and media to become members of the TDA so they can also discuss and review the news rules with the organization.

For a full list of the new TDA rules and information on becoming a TDA member, visit

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