Taylor Made Recipe For WSOP Success

Brendan Taylor
Cooking up a storm.

Ex-chef Brendan Taylor managed to win himself a WSOP bracelet in the $1.5k Limit Shootout - though he had to crush his housemate's dreams to do so.

Taylor is in Vegas sharing a house with Benjamin Yu and when the pair of them made the final table, they joked about what they would do if they ended up heads-up.

"We worked out the odds would be about 28-1," said Taylor. "We went out for a few beers and talked about a deal but I arrogantly said I'd want more than 50-50 if we were to do a deal so that didn't happen."

28-1 may have been a fair reflection of the odds, but long shots come in sometimes and on this occasion, that's exactly what happened - Yu and Taylor facing off across the felt whilst the rest of the field crumbled away.

Taylor got the upper hand in the face-off, making quads along the way to help bust his housemate and gain bragging rights for the rest of their trip - and beyond.

A chef for several years at one of the top restaurants in New Orleans, Taylor saw some crossover skills that could be applied to both cooking and poker.

"The main skill that transfers from cooking to poker, is multitabling," said Taylor.

"When you're cooking on a line, you've got eight different dishes on the stove and they're all at different points.

"I've already learnt how to partition my mind into 8 or 10 spots."

Taylor was quick to point out that there were some obvious differences between poker and cooking though.

"Other than that it's sitting on your ass instead of busting your ass!"


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