Tapie in Dublin, Takeover “Done Deal” According to P5s


According to “a source close to PocketFives,” Bernard Tapie Group Director Laurent Tapie has moved to Dublin and intends to relaunch Full Tilt Poker in Europe shortly.

The source, unnamed but reportedly “very well connected within the online and live poker communities,” told PocketFives on Sunday that the Bernard Tapie Group and Full Tilt Poker are still “finalizing the deal with the U.S. Department of Justice,” but that the takeover is "a done deal.”

The source added that Laurent Tapie has recently moved to and been working from Dublin, where the PocketKings offices are located, several days a week and that he is getting ready to reopen Full Tilt Poker in Europe.

Despite it now being past the previous deadline set for March 23, the official deal “should be signed next week” the source says.

Laurent, the son of BTG honcho and noted French politician and entrepreneur Bernard Tapie, has been in charge of the acquisition since the early negotiations which began back in September of last year.

As recently as last Thursday BTG group lawyer Behn Dayanim informed us "sorry, no news," but multiple sources reportedly told Wicked Chops Insider that Full Tilt was in "ramp-up mode" and gearing up for a relaunch.

No official announcement has been made by either Full Tilt Poker or the Bernard Tapie Group since FTP CEO Ray BItar released an interview in early March apologizing for his silence over the past year.

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