Tapie Group Lawyer: Full Tilt Deal “Very Close”

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On a positive note for in-limbo Full Tilt players after weeks of negativity, Bernard Tapie Group’s lawyer Behnam Dayanim now says the deal is “very close" to being executed.

Speaking with pokerstrategy.com, Dayanim said progress has been made towards completing the deal and they’ve chosen to extend the deadline past the end of February to continue the negotiation process.

Said Dayanim:

"We are very close to executing a deal and anticipate it happening over the next several weeks.

“There was an expectation among the parties involved that we would conclude our discussions one way or the other by the end of February.

“Positive progress has been made in recent talks, and each of the parties feels reasonably confident that we'll be able to reach a successful conclusion.

“As such, everyone has agreed to let the process continue for a bit longer."

As for the outstanding player debts, reported as around $16 million and considered a major obstacle to the deal, Dayanim said talks with players are continuing and while some players have been working with them for a solution, others remain “recalcitrant.”

Still, Dayanim says they are hopeful enough loans will be repaid to resolve the issue.

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