Tapie Funds New Full Tilt Poker Company

Laurent Tapie

Laurent Tapie has been named Director and Secretary of a recently incorporated Irish company called New Full Tilt Poker Limited.

The news further fuels speculation that the defunct online poker room will soon be operational.

Alongside Tapie at the helm of New Full Tilt Limited is Prosper Jerémy Masquelier, named as the company’s second Director.

Masquelier, along with Laurent and Bernard Tapie, are the three co-founders of the mysterious International Stadiums Poker Tour announced October of last year.

The news came to light on PokerFuse and TwoPlusTwo and relies on information from Irish company directory SoloCheck.ie.

According to records New Full Tilt Limited was incorporated on February 14, has a registered Dublin address and is classified as “Software Consultancy and Supply”.

Records also show that the company has been funded with €1 million.

This news comes one day after the Full Tilt website showed signs of life for the first time in months, and just weeks after FTP operator Pocket Kings LTD began re-hiring.

With hundred of millions in unpaid player funds hanging in the balance, rumors continue to circulate as to the future of Full Tilt Poker.

We contacted Groupe Bernard Tapie attorney Behnam Dayamin who responded, “I still cannot comment.”

ESPN’s Andrew Feldman tweeted yesterday:

@ESPN_Poker “Lots of FTP rumors going around. Was told yesterday, "There is going to be a major development shortly." More details when I have them...”

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