Take on a pro at Absolute Poker

If you've always wanted to take on a professional poker player heads-up, you could get your chance at Absolute Poker. The site is offering a weekly heads-up session against Mark Seif to the Tourney Leader Board winner.

Each week, the top player from the Tourney Leader Board will get to play the two-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner for a $1,000 prize.

If Mark Seif wins the match-up, the prize will be saved and added to the following weekend's prize pool for the next Tourney Leader Board king to try to win.

To earn points for the leader board, players need to compete in any of the site's multi-table or single table tournaments that have a real money buy-in and fee. The amount of points a player is given depends on how well they place.

The formula to calculate the points given is the tournament buy-in multiplied by the number of entrants and the number of points awarded based on finish. That is then divided by 1,000 to determine the final points given.

In the multi-table tournaments, points are given to the top 18 players. First place is assigned 300 points with 18th place receiving 10, and those are the points used in the formula.

For single-table tournaments, only the top three places receive points - first place gets 300, second 250, and third gets 230.

Points are calculated from Saturday starting at midnight through Friday at 12:59 p.m. (EST). At the end of that period, the winner will be determined each week to take on Seif.

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