Take a photo, maybe win $2m at Bodog.com

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One picture is all it could take for a shot at $2 million. In addition to extending its application deadline for Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker II, Bodog.com will now accept just a photograph in the audition process for the television series.

The poker room will now take applications at www.bodog.tv/audition until May 6 and allow applicants the choice of either submitting an audition video or uploading a photo.

Eleven of the 12 spots on the reality poker show will go to contestants who went through the auditions process on the site.

The group will receive an all-expenses paid trip to British Columbia, Canada, where they will take part in a 30-day video shoot this summer. The series will air on a major television network in the fall, the company said in a release.

Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker II is cryptically being billed as a reality TV show combining aspects of Texas Hold'em poker with lifestyle challenges. Whoever becomes champion of the tournament series will win a record-breaking $2 million grand prize.

The second season of the show is already shaping up to be bigger and better than before, said Bodog.com founder Calvin Ayre in a release.

"The new direction we're taking with the second season of the show - integrating the social networking and user generated content world by casting 11 of the contestants online - is guaranteed to have an interesting effect on the dynamics," he said. "One thing is for sure, with a $2 million grand prize up for grabs, the competition is going to be intense."

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