Table Preview, Upgraded Lobby Coming to PokerStars

combonet pokerstars
The new PokerStars group view.

PokerStars is set to unleash a stack of new software upgrades in its latest update.

The update, which is one of the biggest in more than a year, was announced by the company in the TwoPlusTwo poker forum earlier this week. It’s expected to go live within the next couple days.

The new PokerStars software takes a number of cues from the massive PokerStars 7 overhaul that was previewed last year.

It’s unknown if PokerStars 7 is still scheduled to be released in full.

Here are the highlights from the update:

Ring Game 'Groups' in Lobby

A feature that is currently in beta, the new ring game lobby presents all the tables of the same type in one group. That means every $.50/$1 table would be listed in the same group.

The groups view also streamlines the game finding process with a “Find Me a Seat Button” that will automatically find you a game in the group you are searching. It will keep searching until it finds you a game. You can also utilize a combo view to see both the group and the games in the group at the same time.

liveview pokerstars
Preview table on PokerStars

Graphical Preview for Ring Games

This long-awaited feature gives players a real-time preview of a table that’s currently being played complete with position and stack sizes.

The preview will also indicate which players are sitting out and which ones are actually playing.

Players will also be able to take a seat directly from the lobby thanks to quick-seat functionality.

Progressive Bounty Tournaments 

These work like normal bounty tournaments but when you bust a player half of the bounty is credited to your account while the other half goes towards your own bounty. These will make certain players particularly attractive to bust. It’s currently in beta.

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