Swedish site now open 24 hours, adds bathroom breaks

Svenska Spel has announced they will be switching their online poker site to run 24 hours a day in order to provide a safer gambling setting for Swedish poker players. To avoid increased addiction and strained bladders, the site will also implement toilet breaks.

The Swedish gambling monopoly opened the Internet poker site in March and since then has had more than 100,000 players sign up.

When it opened, the site had limited hours, though, which meant that many players would go off to other poker sites once the site was closed.

Svenska Spel believes it is much safer for gamblers than other sites because of its various restrictions meant to help protect people from becoming problem gamblers or addicts. So it opened up for round-the-clock play to keep people from straying to more dangerous sites.

With a 24-hour site comes other responsibilities too. The site will offer tables with a five minute break every half hour for players to take the time to use the bathroom.

Svenska Spel said the bathroom breaks will also give players the opportunity to think about whether they want to continue playing or not.

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