Swedes Are the Most Deviant People from the World Norm


The opportunities to make your voice heard in today's society are almost endless.

The Internet is a worldwide Speakers Corner available 24/7.

There's no need to stand in line in a corner of Hyde Park for your chance to step up on a box and hope someone will stop and listen.

Just go online, state your opinion and it will be there for everyone to see, forever.

Logic and Reason Only Required for Victims

No need to go to Hyde Park to be heard.

The Web makes it possible for anyone to express anything and do it completely anonymously.

Sounds pretty good and democratic at first glance. But it's easy to see that meaningful debate and praise are not exercised as much as the opposite.

It's disheartening to see grumblers harass and dominate the internet. I don't know if they bombard the forums and upbraid everyone and everything just for fun or out of pure principle.

But I do know that the same rules do not apply to them. Logic and reason are only requisites for their victims.

It has to be so, right? I can't imagine people being so sickening, subjective and imbecilic.

Or? Could I really be wrong? If that's the case I would love to play poker with them. At least I would get paid for their ignorance.

Thumbs Up to Forces of Good

There is so much amazing content online. A lot of skillful people have spent a lot of time and effort producing things that are interesting, enriching and enlightening.

It could be humor, poker wisdom, or something else that stimulates exactly you. It's out there if you just surf around and look.

There is a lot of hate and negativity on the grid. As in life, of course. But there is the the other end of the spectrum as well. It is up to you to choose.

Give the good forces a thumbs up. Give someone encouragement.

Give a positive comment for the work they've put in to make the Internet, and the world, a better place. Instead of the opposite.

Swedes Are Most Deviant

Not good at positive feedback.

Survey after survey indicates that Swedes are the most deviant people from the world norm.

I am from Sweden, and have made it my lifelong mission to study this peculiar people up in the dark, cold North.

For example, Swedes are unfortunately extremely bad in giving positive feedback. It has, of course, to do with our socialistic upbringing.

I am still ashamed of the fact that I was like that once upon a time. I delivered complaints and negative comments like all other Swedes.

But then I traveled the world. It opened my eyes to other approaches to life and my fellow man.

I am open, straightforward, spontaneous and honest. It is clear to me that I have lived in the wrong country, but it is really the country that is at fault, not me.

I have tried for most of my life to wake up the Swedish people. Sadly, it hasn't worked so well. But that's okay.

In Poker, It's a Necessity

Sometimes you just can't win a pot.

Maybe I do reach out to someone or maybe I just make somebody laugh. That is good enough for me.

Love, hate, be marveled or ridicule – it's not important to me. I see my life as one giant experiment.

It is almost as I am not participating in my own life. I am sort of standing on the side, observing, and most of all learning.

Maybe you should try it, too? To change one's perspective and see things from other views is good, educational and challenging.

In poker it is a necessity. But, like in life, never easy. Especially when Lady Luck is doing a number on your speed dial.

Sometimes you can not win a pot, not even a small, little shitty pot containing just the antes. You know what I am talking about.

All in pre with QQ versus AK, and an ace on the river. All in with an overpair just to see the two-outer slam the felt -- again on the river.

You lose buy-in after buy-in, and with a lump in your throat you reload one more time.

Time to Lift Your Head from the Poker Table

They call it variance, but that does not help you. You played the hand like Phil f'ing Ivey but still get punished like an ugly stray dog.

broken monitor
It's not your fault.

It makes you wanna go mental, like Michael Douglas in Falling Down. You need to let off steam before your head explodes.

Personally I like to scream so loud that my wife drops the dishes in the kitchen. Mike Matusow likes to throw his laptop in the pool, which has probably saved him a cool million, minimum.

I don't know what what you do to let off steam, but know one thing before you smash your fist through your 24-inch screen:

It's not your fault; it's just life. I agree, sometimes it feels like God hates you and that you'll never win one more pot in your life.

Then it's time to lift your head from the poker table and try to get some perspective. Check out this cool cat.

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Sweden's most controversial poker blogger, Ken Lennaárd has been around the professional poker circuit for almost 20 years. Among his numerous accomplishments are Swedish Championships both live and online, three WSOP final tables and over $1.5m in live earnings. He's now bringing his singular poker voice to the English world via PokerListings.com. Look for new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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