Swede Ylitalo Takes EPT London Main Event for £560k

Robin Ylitalo

Swedish online pro Robin Ylitalo is the 2013 EPT London Main Event champ and £560k richer after defeating Georgios Karakousis heads-up tonight.

Hovering around the chip lead for the last few days of play Ylitalo took control when it mattered most - when play got down to five-handed - and rode his lead to victory.

Coming into heads-up play with 11m of the 18m chips in play, Ylitalo finished Greek businessman Karakousis off in short order to snag his biggest career score.

Ylitalo's take counted out at exactly £560,980. Karakousis, who qualified via a $215 satellite, pocketed £349,200 for second.

McClean Moves Up, Rossiter Drops

Chip leader coming into the final table, Jeff Rossiter, fell victim to the same curse Day 3 and Day 4 chip leaders Martin Kozlov and David Yan did.

Nothing much went right from the get go and Rossiter hit the bricks in fifth.

Brit Leo McClean on the other hand, who started the day under a million in chips, ran his way all the way up third place and a £249,850 payday - quite the return on a £93 total investment on satellites.

As the cherry on top he also won the Skrill Last Longer competition, meaning he got his buy-in back too.

Jeffrey Rossiter
Close but no for Rossiter.

The official final eight and payouts:

  • 1. Robin Ylitalo £560,980
  • 2. Georgios Karakousis £349,200
  • 3. Leo McClean £249,850
  • 4. Ludovic Geilich £193,340
  • 5. Jeff Rossiter £152,320
  • 6. Stefan Vagner £119,225
  • 7. Jan Olav Sjavik £88,175
  • 8. Kully Sidhu £60,640

Get a full recap of all the final-table action on the PokerStars blog. Watch the final-table replay right here.

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