Swede wins Pacific Poker, PL.com freeroll

The Money

Thomas "Chtulhu" Wärme's poker game is electric and when he had a shot at winning the Pacific Poker/PokerListings.com Christmas freeroll he didn't pull any punches.

The 24-year-old from Linköping, Sweden, managed to outlast 153 other players to take home a cool $4,500 for first place.

It was a welcome victory for the student, who studies physics and electrical engineering at the University of Linköping.

"I always try to find time to play the PokerListings freerolls on Pacific because they have really good value and it's nice that you can win so much on a freeroll," he said.

Although it was a freeroll, it was also the biggest cash haul to date for Wärme, whose previous highest tournament win was $600.

In the last hand of the tournament Wärme was just about even with his opponent, burger27, in chips. Wärme had $125,000 while burger27 held $105,000. Wärme held J-7 off-suit and decided to raise it up to $25,000 pre-flop. burger27 made the call and the flop came Q-J-6 with two clubs. burger27 pushed all-in for his remaining $80,000 and Wärme made the call. burger27 showed K-T for the open-ended straight draw. Wärme's jacks held and he won the tournament.

Wärme has been playing poker for five years now and says he was instantly drawn to playing cards for money.

"I've always liked to play games and poker has a certain charisma that's hard to resist," he said. "Of course it's nice to make money doing something you really love."

Wärme usually plays a couple of hours every day although he mostly plays cash games, either No-Limit Hold'em or Pot-Limit Omaha. He especially likes games on Pacific Poker. He frequently checks PokerListings.com to keep on top of poker news, read room reviews and use the odds calculator.

Keep checking PokerListings.com to see when the next big Pacific Poker freeroll will be.

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