Swede wins 2007 WCOOP Event 9

The Spoils of War

Despite making "the worst play in the history of poker," player ruthan from Sweden took home Event 9 of the 2007 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker. Victory in the $215 No-Limit Hold'em with re-buys tournament was worth $198,126.

ruthan's WCOOP adventure almost ended with around 15 players left in the tournament. The Swede was chip leader, but decided to make a wild move and pushed all-in holding 5-3 off-suit.

The player who was second in chips at the time, LUHMAN of Chicago, sat with K-K and called immediately. ruthan lost the huge pot, and was desperately short-stacked all of a sudden.

"The worst play in the history of poker," ruthan wrote in the chat window after the hand.

ruthan wasn't out of the tournament, however, and managed to stage a great comeback. A few hours later, the Swedish player faced LUHMAN again, this time playing heads-up for the WCOOP title.

Once again, in the very last hand of the tournament, pocket kings played an important role. This time it was ruthan who had the kings, and LUHMAN was in a bad position, all-in with A-T. No ace came to save the American, and the tournament was over.

Following a deal that was made with four players left in the tournament, ruthan walked away with $198,126 and a golden WCOOP bracelet. Runner-up LUHMAN received $109,241 for his effort.

Place Name Country Prize
1st ruthan Sweden $198,126
2nd LUHMAN United States $109,241
3rd yojje Sweden $107,109
4th kiwid10 Sweden $144,539
5th Qcity1 United States $59,129.16
6th Blinda74 Sweden $44,578.36
7th OlliPolli Finland $31,350.36
8th 777NMC Brazil $19,445.16
9th puffinmypurp United States $11,640.64

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