Survey shows players choose Obama over McCain

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Duplicate Poker conducted a survey of its online poker players this week to find out their thoughts on the upcoming presidential election. It turns out, the players favor Barack Obama over John McCain by nearly a 2-1 margin.

At Duplicate Poker, 1,639 poker players took the time to answer the survey Sept. 2-4. Thirty-two states were represented among the respondents, who were all U.S. citizens. The majority, 87%, of the people who took the survey were men between the ages of 18 and 54.

Of those surveyed, 1,043 online poker players said they intend to vote for Obama, with 596 saying they'll vote for McCain.

Even more of the survey participants thought that Obama has a stronger ticket than McCain, with 1,167 answering to that effect and 499 choosing McCain. This is also consistent with the players' vote 1,117 to 538 that Obama will defeat McCain in the November election.

"Poker players are astute observers who take calculated risks under time pressure. The best poker players size up their opponents quickly and calculate the best way to press their advantage," said Daniel Flamberg, Duplicate Poker chief marketing officer.

"These results are a good indicator of how Americans are processing and reacting to two weeks of orchestrated political theater."

Duplicate Poker noted in its press release about the survey that both Obama and McCain are known to play poker as well.

"Being a strong poker player has long been associated with success in business and politics," says the poker site.

However, it's not the poker skills the candidates possess that most interest the online players surveyed. The deciding issues that concerned most of the participants were the economy, the parties' vision for America and the war in Iraq.

Meanwhile, 915 respondents believed that race wouldn't be a factor in the election, though 737 felt it would influence the results. However, 541 participants believe that blacks will be one of the most decisive voter segments for the upcoming election, with women being the other segment.

"These results are interesting for three reasons. First, they are a gut check for the new presidential slates as we begin the home stretch run," Flamberg said.

"Next, the middle class male voters are going to play an important role in every swing state. And finally, poker players are particularly good at quickly zeroing-in on a winner," Mr. Flamberg noted.

Duplicate Poker markets itself as the only legal version of poker that U.S. players can play in. It was invented in 2004 and debuted online in 2006.

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