Survey says CEOs prefer poker to golf

According to a recent survey conducted by CEO Poker, co-creator of the CEO Poker Championship, 65% of CEOs surveyed admitted they would prefer playing a full day of poker to golf. When asked why, 73% stated the thrill of winning, 20% stated they enjoyed the competition, and 7% stated networking. Five-hundred CEOs participated in the survey.

The results were released on Monday, February 20, by sponsor CEO Poker, co-developer of the CEO Poker Tournament, an inaugural event set to take place exclusively for CEOs at The Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas from October 22-26, 2006. Winner of the tournament will be crowned the Chairman of Poker and will be awarded the Chairman of Poker ring.

"Poker is definitely the new golf," says Maria Gomez, president of CEO Poker. "If you are a woman or man you can compete in the game. It is a level playing field, and only your ability to bluff, fold, and win, separates the men from the boys. Another reason poker is so popular among CEOs is the game itself. There is an element of constant danger that CEOs thrive on, where you can go out on any one hand."

Four-hundred Internet, industry, real estate, and Fortune 500 CEOs will play in the black tie event, which will boast a buy-in ranging from $1,500 to $10,000. Pro players will also be competing in the tournament, including Jennifer Harman, Phil Gordon, Cyndy Violette, Andy Bloch, Barry Greenstein, and Sam Farha.

"Thanks to the popularity of poker on television, poker is so hot right now among CEOs," says Gomez. "They see professional poker players doing what they do every day - analyze the odds, review all the options, and make split second decisions. CEOs are naturals at poker."

"Poker is both math and instinct, and CEOs understand the bottom line and the odds," continued Gomez. "But knowing the numbers is not enough, they have to know how to read people, something they do every day in the boardroom."

For further details on the first annual CEO Poker Championship, please see CEO Poker Championship To Run At The Palms.

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