SuperStar Showdown: Blom Pounds Palmer

Viktor Blom
Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

After dropping two consecutive matches of the SuperStar Showdown, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom came back with a vengeance last night.

Blom overwhelmed Scott “urnotindangr” Palmer on PokerStars last night, beating the elite pro for $66,607 in 2,500 hands. 

Once again the pair played $50/$100 No-Limit Hold’em but it took just a few hands for Blom to erase the slim $5,000 lead Palmer picked up last Sunday.

Unlike previous sessions Blom took the lead early and held on for the entire session.

The Swedish poker prodigy did have his share of good fortune with several huge coolers throughout the session.

One of the biggest earlier hands saw Blom flop a full house against Palmer, who turned a straight. Suffice to say all the money went in the middle and Blom took it down.

About two hours into the session Blom also managed to flop a nut-flush against Palmer who flopped a queen-high flush. Once again all the money went in the middle and Isildur1 raked the pot.

After 1,750 hands Blom was leading by $78k and looking nearly unstoppable as the biggest hand of the session occurred.

Once again Blom got some help from the board as he turned a full house against Palmer who merely turned trips. Blom bet, Palmer raised and Blom re-raised.

Palmer called and a meaningless deuce peeled off deck. Blom didn’t fool around and immediately shoved for his last $8,250 creating a $47k pot.

Palmer eventually called only to see he was dead in the water. After scooping the pot, Blom was up to over $100k in profit.

In the final 500 hands Palmer fought hard to get even but simply couldn’t overcome his massive deficit.

Palmer narrowed the gap between them to $66k but that’s as close as he would come to beating Isildur1.

Both players offered a curt “gg” in the chatbox before heading off to search for more online poker action.

With the win Blom moves to 6-3 in the SuperStar Showdown if you count each individual session.

He has wins against Dan “jungleman12” Cates, Daniel Negreanu, Tony G, Eugene Katchalov, an online qualifier and now Scott Palmer.

He also has losses against Negreanu and Palmer. Isaac Haxton is the only player to beat him without also recording a loss.

PokerStars has yet to reveal a new challenger for Isildur1 but there’s a good chance the player will be announced in the coming week.

For more hands from the latest SuperStar Showdown be sure to check our online poker stats section.

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