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Super Poker Affiliates has added Poker Crusher to its lineup of poker software, allowing its affiliates the chance to promote the latest in online poker tools.

Poker Crusher is the latest in advanced tools to help online poker players gain an edge on their competitors. The software tracks the strengths, weaknesses and betting patterns of more than one million online poker players, giving users:

  • Real-time data on other players - As soon as you open Poker Crusher you're given access to millions of hands' worth of info on potential opponents, with customizable key stats that are shown directly on the table as you play.
  • Easy-read icons for all player types - The software automatically recognizes players at your table and displays an icon (green fish, shark, mouse, calling station, etc.) next to their name to indicate their playing style.
  • Instant access to the softest tables - You can instantly look up the softest active tables on the Web.
  • A look at your own leaks - You can also look at your own stats to see how they measure up and what leaks you may need to work on.
  • Access to the database 24/7 - Poker Crusher runs 24/7 to continually gather data on hand histories and betting patterns in order to update its database every five minutes.

"We are proud to present our newest and hottest software - Poker Crusher," said Super Poker Affiliates on its Web site.

The software was unveiled late in 2007 for poker players. Early indicators are that it's a must-have program for the serious online player.

"You still have to play poker - I mean it's not going to tell you what to do - but realistically, for the serious online player, I don't know how you could do much better than this in a poker software tool," said Daniel Higgins, one of the first users of Poker Crusher, in a press release when the software was launched.

That means Poker Crusher could prove to be quite profitable for affiliates at Super Poker Affiliates, which is an affiliate management and marketing company specializing in the online poker industry.

"We offer our clients everything they need to have successful affiliate programs," says the Super Poker Affiliates Web site. "Our goal is to provide maximum value to our affiliates. We make it easy for you by giving you access to affiliate programs for multiple products, and we simplify the process by giving you one contact point."

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