offers WSOP promo is preparing to launch "One Sick Promo," one of the largest and most unique World Series of Poker (WSOP) promotions seen online, that will give away 100 WSOP packages to its top point earners from Dec. 1 to May 31.

According to the press release, this isn't the typical online poker promo where the top players earn their way into a freeroll to try to win a seat to the WSOP. In this case, the top 100 My Poker Point earners at during that period will be given a WSOP prize package.

The top five point earners will get even more special treatment as their prize package includes flying to the 2007 WSOP on a Gulfstream IV jet rather than flying commercially, and they'll be able to bring a friend along to enjoy three weeks with them in the luxury mansion.

"This promotion is all about going above and beyond expectations," said Adam Smirnis, poker room manager. "If a player thinks its fair to get their airfare covered, we'll charter a private jet. If they want a hotel room, we'll rent them a mansion."

Other players who make the top 100 will also get special deals along with their WSOP Main Event prize package. The top 30 players will receive extra WSOP chips in order to play in other WSOP events, and they'll be staying in three villas instead of hotel rooms.

"The WSOP is not just one event and it should not be treated as such. For a lot of the Internet players, this is the only time they play live all year," Smirnis said. "They should be given the opportunity to experience more of the WSOP. After all, it isn't just one tournament, it's a series."

To find out how you can compete in the "One Sick Promo," visit

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