Sunday Scoop: Two Final Tables for MacPhee

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Kevin "ImaLuckSac" Macphee has earned over $4.4 million playing online poker tournaments.

Kevin “ImaLuckSack” MacPhee went on an absolute tear this weekend, making final tables in both the Sunday Warm-Up and the Sunday 500 on

With over $2.62 million in prizes and almost 12,000 registrations across the site’s three biggest events MacPhee helped himself to over $57,000 from those two cashes alone.

We’ve got the details on the weekend’s three biggest online poker tournaments in our weekly Sunday Scoop report.

Lurkio77 Wins Sunday Million

It was a battle between Britain and Brazil when this week’s Sunday Million made it down to the wire with UK player Lurkio77 closing out the win for a $196,000 payday.

7,536 players bought in, putting just over $1.5 million in the pot for the top 1,080 players.

As we so often see in the Sunday Million this week’s tournament ended in a deal with the final four players chopping up the $567,000 reserved for the top four spots.

Once Mihay28 and Kiri Dogue went out in fourth and third, respectively, Lurkio77 and diegokeep went to war heads-up.

diegokeep managed to stage a comeback, pulling even from a three to one chip deficit, before one big hand ended it all.

On a A Q J T turn the money went in with Lurkio77 holding Q-T for two-pair against diegokeep’s K 4. A queen on the river made the Brit’s boat, sucking out against the Brazilian’s Broadway straight.

Pius Heinz
2011 world champion Pius Heinz cashed in this week's Sunday Million.

The highest finish by a member of Team PokerStars Pro was reigning world champion Pius Heinz in 196th.

Here are the final table results, adjusted to reflect the four-way deal:

  • 1. Lurkio77 (United Kingdom) $196,000*
  • 2. diegokeep (Brazil) $137,391.16*
  • 3. Kiri Dogue (United Kingdom) $110,518.03*
  • 4. Mihay28 (Romania) $123,018.10*
  • 5. dominao020 (Costa Rica) $87,759.35*
  • 6. Mjolner101 (United Kingdom) $46,723.20
  • 7. RedIceRap (Germany) $32,404.80
  • 8. MissOracle (New Zealand) $18,086.40
  • 9. Ilkinopoulos (Azerbaijan) $11,680.80

MacPhee Scores Fourth in Sunday Warm-Up

Kevin MacPhee added another $40,319 to his over $4.4 million in online poker tournament earnings yesterday with a fourth-place finish in the Sunday Warm-Up.

3,506 players bought in and created a prize pool of just over $700,000, with over $110,000 on the table for first.

In the end it was a three-way deal that decided where the bulk of this prize pool would end up.

MacPhee, who entered the final table second in chips but hit the exit in fourth, just missed out on the chop.

After more than 12 hours of play it was Spanish player AA d@nj KK who came out on top, pocketing $94,000 for defeating Russia’s scorpchess heads-up.

Highest among Team PokerStars Pros was Liv Boeree who made it to 363rd and Patt Pezzin who finished 341st.

Liv Boeree
Liv Boeree

Here are this week’s Sunday Warm-Up final table results, adjusted to reflect the three-way deal:

  • 1. AA d@n¡ KK (Spain) *$94,000.00
  • 2. scorpchess (Russia) $80,500.00
  • 3. wpr101 (Estonia) $75,478.97
  • 4. Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee (Canada) $40,319.00
  • 5. Fanov (Canada) $29,801.00
  • 6. ale6ka (Belarus) $22,789.00
  • 7. Mindkaos (Sweden) $15,777.00
  • 8. kytra (Romania) $8,765.00
  • 9. badambrown (United Kingdom) $5,609.60

Macphee Strikes Again at Sunday 500 Finale

EPT Berlin winner Kevin MacPhee scored his second major final table of the weekend in the Sunday 500, finishing 6th for over $17,000.

853 players kicked in their $530 buy-ins this week to build a prize pool of $426,500, well over the event’s $300k guarantee.

Russian player magom1968 finished in the number one spot, earning $76,770 thanks to defeating heibtercamp from Germany heads-up.

Noted American online tournament pro Aaron Been just missed the final table, finishing 10th. He was playing from Mexico.

Also snatching a piece of the cash was Canadian pro Mike “SirWatts” Watson (24th), Steven “stevie444” Chidwick (35th), Mathew “matfrankland” Frankland (37th), SCOOP winner Big_nat123 (42nd) and Chris “Moorman1” Moorman (65th).

Andre Akkari was the first player to cash, just squeaking into the money in 126th to secure the only cash by a member of Team PokerStars Pro.

Here are the final table results for this week’s Sunday 500:

1. magom1968 (Russia) - $76,770
2. heibtercamp (Germany) - $55,445
3. Soccermom96 (Malta) - $41,370
4. LiroLa (Brazil) - $30,921
5. Anton Marcus (Russia) - $21,495
6. ImaLuckSac (Canada) - $17,060
7. wwwoowww (South Africa) - $12,795
8. BgsaPnaples (Canada) - $8,530
9. jtexaspoker (United Kingdom) - $5,118

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