Sunday Scoop: Swede Deal for TY4Stacks2

Liv Boeree
Liv Boeree

Swedish online player TY4Stacks2 took home a staggering $185k for winning the Sunday Million on PokerStars this weekend.

It was yet another successful showing for online poker’s biggest tournament with 6,565 players each putting down $215 to create a $1.3 million prizepool.

Team PokerStars Pros Humberto Brenes, Liv Boeree, Nacho Barbero and Lex Veldhuis all joined the tournament but couldn’t find their way through the giant field of players.

Johnny Lodden was the only Team Pro to actually make it into the money as he finished 633rd for $380.

TY4Stacks2 came to the final table as the second biggest stack at the final table and never really looked back.

KevinV and TY4Stacks2 ended up cutting a deal when they got heads-up but TY4Stacks2 still took home the lion’s share of the remaining cash. KevinV settled for $162k in second place.

Meanwhile the Sunday Warm-Up garnered the attention of 3,363 players who created a prizepool of $672,600.

Once again there were a number of Team PokerStars Pros in attendance including Pierre Neuville, Richard Toth and Liv Boeree. This time around Boeree cashed for $349.

Matt “ch0ppy” Kay was undoubtedly the most well known player at the final table so it surprised the table when he ended up going out in ninth place.

Kay lost a huge 11-million chip flop in the early stages of the final table when his A-K failed against mr.salgado30’s pocket jacks. Kay was out of the tournament shortly thereafter.

Mr.salgado30 would not waste Kay’s chips and would go on to win the poker tournament for $98k. Thanks to a heads-up chop el canbass received $85k for second place.

Finally the PokerStars Sunday 500, widely considered the most pro-heavy of the Sunday tournaments, attracted 732 players to form a $366k prizepool.

Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez bubbled the final table, coming in 10th place for $3,952.

Romanian rrobert333 was the ultimate winner taking home $66k for his efforts in the contest.

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