Sunday Scoop: SoyDelGlobo Cashes in on MicroMillions

Marcel Luske
Marcel Luske played the MicroMillions this weekend.

Argentinean SoyDelGlobo outlasted a field of 65,063 players to turn $22 into $157k on PokerStars this weekend.

It was a busy weekend all around for online action as the MicroMillions II concluded with a swarm of events while the Sunday Million once again drew nearly 6,000 runners.

Things were not exactly quiet on the other European sites either as the iPoker network attracted just under 1,000 players for its $200k Guaranteed Tournament.

PokerStars Sunday Million

Despite some considerable competition from the MicroMillions II main event this weekend, the PokerStars Sunday Million still offered the biggest first-place prize in online poker this week.

This week’s Sunday Million drew a total of 5,986 runners including noted pros Shane Schleger, Victor Ramdin, Celina Lin, Angel Guillen and Nacho Barbero all getting in on the action.

Russian FONBET_RULIT entered the final nine with a middle stack but as soon as the final table began he started to dismantle his opponents one-by-one.

Eventually it came down to FONBET_RULIT and chip-leader Leqenden. There was a deal heads-up but it was eventually FONBET_RULIT who finally came out on top.

Here are the complete final table payouts:

1. FONBET_RULIT - $168,360
2. Leqenden - $154,886
3. EMPTY1SEAT - $96,973
4. NNNQQQ - $67,222
5. Rajako - $50,282
6. NoHayMiedo - $38,310
7. GulMandag - $26,338
8. TerjePower18 - $14,965
9. CHINESE30 - $9,338

Victor Ramdin
Victor Ramdin

PokerStars MicroMillions II $22 Main Event

PokerStars once again put its servers to the test this weekend with 65,063 players each paying $22 for a shot at what ended up being a $1.3 million prizepool.

Fortunately the PokerStars client was up for the task and the event went off without a hitch. PokerStars players Victor Ramdin, Martin Staszko and Toni Judet paid the $22 to play the event but fell short of the money.

Meanwhile Nacho Barbero, Adrienne Rowsome and Marcel Luske were among the 8,505 players who made the money in the massive tournament.

Kucani led the charge to the final table with an impressive 123.59 million chips but ankara733 was right behind with 123.4 million.

Amazingly $trateGema, who entered the final table third in chips with 108 million, was the first player to be eliminated.

There was a great deal of discussion regarding a chop at the final table but surprisingly there wasn’t one made until heads-up.

SoyDelGlobo, who entered the final table with a medium stack, hit quads heads-up against cokars to end the tournament.

Here are the complete final table payouts:

1. SoyDelGlobo - $157,218
2. Cokars - $130,711
3. Kucani - $83,072
4. Ankara733 - $55,368
5. I_call_U_22 - $35,979
6. Miu004 - $22,134
7. Mr o012 - $13,832
8. Smellmuth - $8,341
9. $trateGema - $5,556

iPoker $200k Guaranteed

Not to be forgotten, the iPoker $200k Guaranteed also took place this weekend with thousands to be won.

Played across several sites including Titan Poker, ChiliPoker and William Hill Poker, the iPoker $200k Guaranteed saw 931 runners hit the virtual felt in search of a big payout.

Noted online pro Assassinat0 made the final table and eventually finished in seventh place for $5,900.

Virginia111 ended up beating blueskyM heads-up to win the $34,520. Luckily for players there was a slight overlay meaning there was some added cash up for grabs in the event.

Here are the final table payouts:

1. virginia111 - $34,520
2. blueskyM - $25,000
3. Spyverrrr - $19,000
4. DontChallengeM - $13,920
5. TTR147257555 - $9,900
6. Pla3000 - $7,900
7. Assassinat0 - $5,900
8. Dennisen21 - $3,900
9. Duskyshark82 - $2,200

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