Sunday Scoop: Online Poker Trumps Easter Plans

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Easter might mean egg hunts and family dinners for some, but for thousands of poker players it was the perfect chance to take a shot at the weekly majors on PokerStars.

Bigger than normal fields across the board proved that when people get a long weekend, many of them choose to spend it playing online poker.

Deals were struck in all three of the day’s biggest online poker tournaments, with the biggest prize ultimately going to the third-place finisher in the Sunday Million.

Guesty001 Wins Sunday Million, Biggest Prize to janfryed

This week’s Sunday Million smashed its guarantee, attracting 8,225 and building a prize pool of $1.645,000.

Nearly a quarter of a million dollars was originally reserved for first-place but a six-way deal at the final table would award the event’s biggest prize to Benjamin “janfryed” Garcia of Spain. He took $151,739 and ultimately finished third.

One of three UK players to make the final table, Guesty001 was the shortest stack when the deal was struck, but went on to win the event and pick up the $20,000 the chop had left on the table. In total Guesty001 took over $123k.

Just one member of Team PokerStars Pro snagged a spot in the money this week. Jose “nachobarbero” Barbero finished a very lackluster 681st, picking up $444.15

Other notables making semi-deep runs included Griffin “Flush_Entity” Benger in 28th, Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo in 70th and Steve “Mr. Tim Caum” O’Dwyer in 184th.

Steve O'Dwyer
Steve "Mr. Tim Caum" O'Dwyer

Here are the full final table results for this week’s Sunday Million, adjusted to reflect the six-way deal:

  • 1st: Guesty001 (United Kingdom) - $123,196.17*
  • 2nd: Aftret (Norway) - $118,484.43*
  • 3rd: janfryed (Spain) - $151,739.34*
  • 4th: lollasen (Norway) - $110,159.90*
  • 5th: 1_conor_b_1 (United Kingdom) - $129,874.19*
  • 6th: tilt21sted (Romania) - $115,678.97*
  • 7th: QUINN520 (United Kingdom) - $32,900.00
  • 8th: CrissD6713 (Greece) - $18,917.50
  • 9th: molik44 (Poland) - $12,748.75

Palmero92 Victorious in Sunday Warm-Up

The final five players in this week’s Warm-Up made a deal, with Germany’s Palmero92 walking away with the victory and the biggest prize, $72,989.

The German defeated jerry ping of the Netherlands heads-up who pocketed $56,110.

Finishing third and taking $53,958 was Leandro “leopeluca” Csome. The Argentinean made the final table of the Latin American Poker Tour main event in Sao Paulo last year, earning $70,165.

Csome was crippled in a massive all-in with K Q against eventual winner Palmero92’s pocket aces. Csome was eliminated shortly after in third.

Also finishing deep in this week’s warm-up was high-stakes player Niste “Mihai Nutt” Mihai-Gabriel (18th), Niki “RealAndyBeal” Jedlicka (26th), Alex Kravchenko (136th) and Vicky Coren (431st).

Here are the final table payouts for this week’s Sunday Warm-Up, adjusted to reflect the five-way deal:

  • 1st: Palmero92 (Germany) - *$72,989.56
  • 2nd: jerry ping (Netherlands) - *$56,110.31
  • 3rd: leopeluca (Argentina) - *$53,958.65
  • 4th: BWFCLEE (United Kingdom) - *$66,600.14
  • 5th: Xplogo (Australia) - *$51,358.34
  • 6th: eom2000 (Finland) - $21,430.50
  • 7th: Tomascibak (Czech Republic) - $14,836.50
  • 8th: wpr101 (Estonia) - $8,242.50
  • 9th: Kingoooo (Denmark) - $5,275.20
Tobias Reinkemeier
Tobias "PokerNoob999" Reinkemeier

Reinkemeier Final Tables Sunday 500

This week’s Sunday 500 hosted a tough final table that included former Sunday Million winner Tobias “PokerNoob999” Reinkemeier and online pro Brian “AKBigFish” James.

917 players kicked in their $530 buy-ins to build a $458,500 prize pool with zitinio from Georgia finishing in first place.

The original prize pool called for $82,530 for first place but, thanks to a three-way deal, zitinio took just over $70k.

Finishing third was Brian “AKBigFish” James who has more than $1.9 million in online poker tournament earnings, including a win in the $109+R just a few weeks ago.

Here are the full final table results, adjusted to reflect the deal:

  • 1st: zitinio (Georgia) - $70,022.77*
  • 2nd: micide (Germany) - $58,526.05*
  • 3rd: AKBigFish (Costa Rica) - $56,822.73*
  • 4th: Mik3ma (Cyrpus) - $33,012
  • 5th: 10IsTheYear (Canada) - $22,925
  • 6th: H.Oussale (Germany) - $18,340
  • 7th: PokerNoob999 (United Kingdom) - $13,755
  • 8th: bullstopper (United Kingdom) - $9,170
  • 9th: pyszalek (Poland) - $5,502

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