Sunday Scoop: Netherlands, Sweden Share Spotlight

Sunday Million oct8
JopperHarryN of the Netherlands won this week's biggest prize.

Tens of thousands of poker players from around the world took to the virtual felt this Sunday with JopperHarryN of the Netherlands winning the day’s biggest prize, a $165k victory in the Sunday Million.

While JopperHarryN enjoyed the distinction of the weekend’s biggest tournament winner, no less than four other players also earned six-figure paydays.

We’ve got the rundown on this week’s biggest online poker tournaments below. Keep reading for the details.

Dutchman “JopperHarryN” Wins Sunday Million

With the World Series of Poker Europe just finished and EPT San Remo gaining momentum it seems like the professionals were underrepresented in this week’s online majors.

Live tournaments notwithstanding 6,377 players bought into this week’s Million on PokerStars, putting over $1.275 million in the pot to be divided among the top 990 finishers.

Dutchman JopperHarryN came out on top after nearly 12 hours of poker, and he did it despite entering the final table as one of the shortstacks.

Pratyush Buddiga
Pratyush "Shane Gamble" Buddiga came close to making the Sunday Million final table.

In the end this tournament was decided by a three-way deal with JopperHarryN taking the biggest share and $20,000 remaining on the table for the eventual winner.

gigibaston of Romania and NickGoff79 of the UK shared in the chop, both receiving healthy six-figure sums.

Here are the full final-table payouts, adjusted to reflect the three-way deal:

1. JopperHaryN (Netherlands) $165,811.40*
2. gigibaston (Romania) $151,743.82*
3. NickGoff79 (United Kingdom) $121,951.67*
4. horserat (Costa Rica) $70,147.00
5. $trateGema (Germany) $53,566.80
6. Garnerus (United Kingdom) $40,812.80
7. KKcrawlerKK (Bolivia) $28,058.80
8. eamonn2009 (United Kingdom) $15,304.80
9. Luanto 14 (Germany) $9,884.35

Narrowly missing out on the final table was former spelling bee champ Pratyush “Shane Gamble” Buddiga who finished in 29th.

Sweden Shines in Sunday Warm-Up

German Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann nearly made the final table of this week’s Warm-Up but fizzled out in 12th place, paving the way for eventual champion Manta_Rays from Sweden to pick up over $100,000.

3,187 players took a shot in this event, generating a prize pool of $637,400. 495 places were paid with almost $340,000 reserved for the final table.

While Heitmann made the deepest run by a Team PokerStars Pro, he wasn’t the only one to make the money.

Belgian Christophe de Meulder cashed in 317th while Romania’s Toni Judet finished 416th. Team Online Pro Shane “Shaniac” Schleger fell just short of the money in 516th.

Here are the full final table results from this week’s Sunday Warm-Up:

1. Manta_Rays (Sweden) $100,072.70
2. FEL777 (Russia) $74,575.80
3. ELLA368 (Russia) $52,585.50
4. superf1sh (Norway) $36,650.50
5. Baverx (Sweden) $27,089.50
6. m8675309a (Turks and Caicos Islands) $20,715.50
7. iamtheboss12 (Germany) $14,351.50
8. NCSU2012 (Costa Rica) $7,967.50
9. idvalentina (Romania) $5,099.20

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