Sunday Scoop: Gagliano, Concepción Among Winners

feb19 sunday million
Ireland beats out Russia at this week's Sunday Million final table.

The books are closed on another Sunday of online poker majors with Irish player EireAbu, Mike “Gags30” Gagliano and Jonathan “jonyctt” Concepción recording the day’s biggest wins.

Also getting in on the cash were familiar names like Johnny Lodden, Fatima Moreira, Stephen Chidwick and Mickey Petersen.

We’ve got the details on the day’s biggest online events with news from the Sunday Million, Warm-Up and 500 on PokerStars.

Irish EireAbu Wins PokerStars Sunday Million

The biggest weekly major in online poker had no trouble clearing its $1 million guarantee again this week, attracting 7,320 players and putting $1,464,000 up for grabs.

$219,600 was on the line for first and unlike the majority of online tournaments this size, yesterday’s did not end in a chop.

EireAbu from Ireland defeated Russia’s WallterBish heads-up to earn his first major victory. The Russian took over $161k for second.

Finishing 13th for $7,075 was online pro Stephen “stevie444” Chidwick.

Making a deep­ish run but fizzling out in 187th was everyone’s favorite Olympic gold medalist turned poker pro Fatima Moreira de Melo.

She was one of four Team PokerStars Pros that cashed this week, joining Jude “j.thaddeus” Ainsworth (872nd), Johnny Lodden (806th) and Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen (518th) in the money.

Mickey Petersen
Mickey Petersen continues to post results.

1,080 in total were paid.

Here are the full final table results for this week’s Sunday Million:

  • 1. EireAbu (Ireland) $219,600
  • 2. WallterBish (Russia) $161,581.68
  • 3. KingPaulie (New Zealand) $117,120
  • 4. leshark81 (United Kingdom) $77,592
  • 5. dynoalot (Canada) $60,024
  • 6. teo96 (Greece) $45,384
  • 7. UhhMee (Canada) $31,476
  • 8. yanko33 (Spain) $17,568
  • 9. RikardPM (Sweden) $11,346

Jonathan "jonyctt" Concepción Wins PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

With 3,647 entries this week’s Sunday Warm-Up smashed its guarantee, putting up almost $730,000 to be divvied up among the top 540 players.

$114k and change was reserved for first and after almost 11 hours that sum was awarded to Jonathanjonyctt” Concepción from Spain.

Concepción has been posting results online since 2009, also playing under the screen name dante-sp on the now defunct Full Tilt Poker. In total he’s earned over $750,000 playing online poker tournaments.

The $114,516 he earned yesterday is the biggest score he’s ever had.

The Spaniard beat out Norwegian pp2wins heads-up who received $85,339 for second.

Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden recorded another small cash in addition to his Sunday Million result, finishing 290th.

Johnny Lodden
Johnny Lodden cashed in both the Million and the Warm-Up yesterday.

Here are the full final table results for yesterday’s Sunday Warm-Up:

  • 1. jonyctt (Spain) $114,516.97
  • 2. pp2wins (Norway) $85,339.80
  • 3. PRINCESPEACH (Canada) $60,175.50
  • 4. chrisf44 (Canada) $41,940.50
  • 5. Bonds252525 (Canada) $30,999.50
  • 6. 5AULIU5 (Lithuania) $23,705.50
  • 7. inigovasko (Spain) $16,411.50
  • 8. Rainsson (Latvia) $9,117.50
  • 9. nr one (Norway) $5,835.20

Mike “Gags30” Gagliano Biggest Winner in Sunday 500

Drawing 834 players, this week’s Sunday 500 was decided by a three-way deal in which Mike “Gags30” Gagliano pocketed the biggest chunk of the prize money.

While eventual champion check_lol of Finland ended up finishing first, he received $58,000, five grand less than Gagliano who took the runner-up spot.

Taiwan’s ozzyfish007 finished third and took the smallest part of the chop.

Finishing fourth was Mike “StrungOut1” Wasserman, an American pro who is currently playing from Mexico.

PokerStars player Grayson “spacegravy” Physioc finished 12th for $4,170 while yesterday’s Sunday Million champion EireAbu finished 60th.

Here are the full final table results from yesterday’s Sunday 500, adjusted to reflect the three-way deal:

  • 1. check_lol (Finland) $58,000*
  • 2. Gags30 (Mexico) $63,000*
  • 3. ozzyfish007 (Taiwan) $48,719*
  • 4. StrungOut1 (Mexico) $30,232
  • 5. bally29 (United Kingdom) $21,016
  • 6. pimmie (Netherlands) $16,680
  • 7. jhwang21 (South Korea) $12,510
  • 8. Barbosyan (Bulgaria) $8,340
  • 9. White_BBZyan (Russia) $5,004
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