Sunday Scoop: Akkari, Julius Headline Double Vision Sunday

Kyle Julius

Brazil’s Andre Akkari headlined a massive Sunday in online tournament poker, winning one of the two Sunday Millions on offer in PokerStars Double Vision promotion.

PokerStars doubled down and ran not one but two of their biggest weekly tournaments.

Edging out Akkari as the day’s biggest winner was American pro Kyle “KJulius10” Julius, who took down the second Sunday Million.

Read on for the details on the week’s biggest online poker tournaments.

Andre Akkari Wins Sunday Warm-Up #2

Brazilian Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari took down the biggest online score of his career yesterday, defeating a field of 3,773 to pocket $118,473.

Akkari adds this title to a long list of poker accomplishments that includes a WSOP bracelet and close to $1 million in live tournament earnings.

The event took roughly 11 hours to play out with Akkari defeating tonkaaaa from Canada heads-up. The unknown Canuck took down $88k and change for the runner-up finish.

Also making deep-ish runs was Australian pro Jon “MONSTER_DONG” Karamilikis (107th), Chris de Meulder (149th), Soren Kongsgaard (150th) and Max Lykov (173rd)

Illini213 Wins First Sunday Warm-Up

The first of two Warm-Ups yesterday attracted 4,176 players, all of whom were gunning for the $131.027 first-place prize.

In the end that sum went to Illini213 from Canada who defeated Woher from Poland heads-up who received $97,300.

The final hand of the tournament saw Illini213 get it in bad with A-3 against pocket sevens. It was looking like a double-up for Woher but an ace on the river put an end to things.

Also cashing in this event was Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang (19th), East-Coast American grinder Joey Capp (65th), Keven “Stammdogg” Stamen (89th) and Matthias de Meulder (195th).

630 places in total were paid.

Kyle Julius Wins Sunday Million II

American professional Kyle “KJulius10” Julius took down his first Sunday Million yesterday, adding $177,000 to an already massive list of results.

Casual poker fans will best remember Julius from the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure where he finished second in the main event for $1.5 million.

Julius defeated Australian weygang heads-up. The Aussie pocketed $132,134 for second and was lucky to get there, having got his entire stack in on the final table bubble with an underpair on the turn. He needed to hit that two-outer and did exactly that to get himself back in the game.]

Here are the full final table payouts for the yesterday’s second Sunday Million:

  • Kyle "KJulius10" Julius (Canada) $177,391.58
  • 2. Timothy "weygang" English (Australia) $132,134.30
  • 3. kinamon8 (Israel) $93,401.37
  • 4. padjes (Netherlands) $64,082.30
  • 5. 26071985 (United Kingdom) $48,203.50
  • 6. engelberth.v (Venezuela) $38,861.50
  • 7. vwborat18 (Lithuania) $25,519.50
  • 8. p.s.newreg (Russia) $14,177.50
  • 9. DONTSTAKEME (Canada) $9,073.60

Five-Way Deal Decides Sunday Million I

Despite the first Sunday Million generating the day’s biggest prize pool, the aforementioned Kyle Julius was still the biggest winner. That’s thanks to a five-way deal that saw $165,116 awarded to eventual runner-up adrian114iz of Spain.

Officially the winner of his event was German player uWi$hIamDeaD who pocketed $139,159.

Here are the full final table payouts, adjusted to reflect the five-way deal.

  • 1. uWi$hIamDeaD (Germany) $139,159.47*
  • 2. adrian_114iz (Spain) $165,116.06*
  • 3. PopaDama (Romania) $135,523.55*
  • 4. Kaksnel (Finland) $108,703.80*
  • 5. Jeb Gees (Switzerland) $119,549.333*
  • 6. insovietrus (Russia) $47,112.00
  • 7. AQUA RAIDER (Canada) $31,408.00
  • 8. DCARLOS17 (Portugal) $18,059.60
  • 9. TMMPOKPOK (Germany) $12,170.60
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