Sunday Scoop: Akenhead Snatches Sunday Million

James Akenhead
James Akenhead adds $213k to the millions he's already made playing poker.

Former November Niner James Akenhead was in the spotlight this weekend thanks to a big win in the Sunday Million on PokerStars.

All told more than $2.53 million was generated by the three biggest online poker tournaments yesterday with known pros like Andrey Pateychuk and Giuseppe Pantaleo joining Akenhead among the weekend's biggest winners.

We’ve got the details on the Sunday Million, the Warm-Up and the 500 right here on the Sunday Scoop.

Akenhead Crushes Sunday Million

7,125 players found their way into the Sunday Million this week with UK pro James “Asprin1” Akenhead taking the top spot and the $213,750 first-place prize.

In 2008 Akenhead made the final tables of the WSOP main event in Las Vegas and the WSOP Europe main event in London and now he can add a Sunday Major title to his list of accomplishments.

Akenhead defeated pnp23 of Romania who pocketed $157,277 for second.

Finishing third was German pro Giuseppe “Ansgar2000” Pantaleo who is currently ranked 175th on the Global Poker Index thanks to 16 cashes, eight final tables and over $450,000 in results in less than two years.

Pantaleo has also earned more than $1.8 million playing online poker tournaments as Ansgaar2000 on PokerStars and previously as LeChiffre19 on Full Tilt and UB.

In total 1,080 players got paid. Here are the full final table results:

  • 1. James "Asprin1" Akenhead (United Kingdom) $213,750.00
  • 2. pnp23 (Romania) $157,277.25
  • 3. Ansgar2000 (Germany) $114,000.00
  • 4. Gambler4444 (Germany) $75,525.00
  • 5. sigopi (Brazil) $58,425.00
  • 6. Milana Jones (Russia) $44,175.00
  • 7. shibinha (Brazil) $30,637.50
  • 8. tyxerakias (Greece) $17,100.00
  • 9. philipoo (Denmark) $11,043.75

Denmark On Top in Sunday Warm-Up

Danish player RasA86 defeated a field of 3,569 yesterday in the Sunday Warm-Up, winning $112,067.

Pius Heinz
Pius Heinz cashed in this Sunday on PokerStars.

The Warm-Up smashed its guarantee, putting $713,800 in the pot to be divided among the top 540 finishers.

Celina Lin just made it into the money, finishing 537th, while reigning world champion Pius Heinz made it to 367th before going bust.

Here are the full results for the final table of this week’s Sunday Warm-Up:

  • 1. RasA86 (Denmark) $112,067
  • 2. vonBaranow (Brazil) $83,514
  • 3. 6Thor6 (United Kingdom) $58,888
  • 4. respect82 (Netherlands) $41,043
  • 5. t6naver (Estonia) $30,336
  • 6. fabi8913 (Germany) $23,198
  • 7. sevshi (Chile) $16,060
  • 8. neckbr4ke (Germany) $23,198
  • 9. salaliito (Finland) $5,710

Pateychuk Comes Close in Sunday 500

Super hot Russian player Andrey Pateychuk, who won EPT San Remo last October and WPT Prague in December, narrowly missed a win in the Sunday 500 this week.

Pateychuk was edged out by Romanian player ALIN76poker who made a deal heads-up with Spanish player Rocks_Strato to take $64,500 and $59,500, respectively.

In total 117 of the 800 who played got paid, sharing the $400,000 prize pool.

Notables to finish in the money include Leo Fernandez (23rd), Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez (29th), (Pat Pezzin (62nd) and Shane Schleger (69th).

Here are the full final table payouts for this week’s Sunday 500, adjusted to reflect the heads-up deal:

  • 1. ALIN76poker (Romania) $64,500*
  • 2. Rocks_Sprato (Spain) $59,500*
  • 3. ThePateychuk (Russia) $38,800
  • 4. southrnctowl (Mexico) $29,900
  • 5. gugo117 (Armenia) $20,160
  • 6. M.nosbocaJ (United Kingdom) $16,160
  • 7. marroca5 (Columbia) $12,160
  • 8. SGE1977 (Brazil) $8,200
  • 9. hahila (Denmark) $5,000
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