Sunday Million goes to livelikunger

Gotta Get that Paper, Dog

Once again there was some serious poker action at PokerStars' Sunday Million this week as more than 8,000 players showed up to play and burst the $1.5 million guaranteed prize pool.

When the registration dust had settled, PokerStars saw a total of 8,268 players taking seats in the Sunday Million Jan. 11. That created a $1,653,600 prize pool to be distributed among the top 1,260 players.

Best of all, that meant a more than $200,000 payout for the winner. That winner would turn out to be livelikunger, who chopped the pot when play was down to heads-up and ended up taking home $187,528.57 for the win.

He chopped that remainder of the prize pool with dxu05, who earned $147,490.79 for second place.

Despite the chop, neither player gave up on the remaining $30,000 very easily.

According to PokerStars, livelikunger never let up on his quest to win the event. Meanwhile, it took dxu05 a while before he found a place to make a move.

Dxu05 finally made a move, pushing all-in pre-flop with T 9, and livelikunger called with A 3.

The board came 2 8 2 5 6, and livelikunger had the win with a pair of deuces and ace kicker.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Prize
1st livelikunger $187,528.57
2nd dxu05 $147,490.79
3rd Kappe85 $91,774.80
4th U_TILT_ME $74,412
5th chicokim $57,876
6th g0lfa $41,340
7th Sir_winalot9 $28,938
8th Tophandler $19,016
9th Mexxximum1 $11,575.20

Earlier on Sunday, PokerStars also saw a big turnout for its Sunday Warm-Up. The event drew 4,032 players to create an $806,400 prize pool.

In the end, aligator67 made a deal with his heads-up opponent and then went on to earn the remaining $10,000 for the win as well.

The final table played out as follows:

Place Name Prize
1st aligator67 $93,704
2nd tmmy2win $83,704
3rd davrow $48,384
4th JPette333 $40,320
5th BigRed0000 $32,256
6th ramon123456 $24,192
7th killbillyboy $16,128
8th Vienna Bundy $10,080
9th throwinphins $6,935.04

For more information about these events or to join in the fun, visit PokerStars.

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