Sugarloaf to Everest: $4m GTD in New PokerStars Mountain Series


Winning a poker tournament does really feel a bit like scaling a mountain.

A long, slow slog to base camp. Quick, intense climbs up to higher camps.

Acclimating to the intense pressure of the high-altitude near the top. And the final, satisfying push to plant your flag at the apex of the towering obstacle you conquered.

Next week, from April 7-10, you can push for 10 of those potentially satisfying climbs in PokerStars' new Mountain-themed poker series.

With over $4m guaranteed over the series you can start with the low buy-in $11 Sugarloaf and work your way up to the $2,100 Mount Everest Main Event.

It's not quite the same as bagging an 8,000m peak, but the adrenaline rush for your bankroll might fill the void.

$1.5M Everest Awaits

PokerStars first-ever Mountain series begins on April 7 at 2 PM with the $11 Sugarloaf event with a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Start climbing.

The $33 Snaefell NLHE follows at 4 PM the same day, also with a $100k prize pool.

Mt. Olympus and Mt. Fuji are next on April 8, with $55 and $109 buy-ins, respectively.

Once those peaks are scaled the buy-ins and prize pools begin to escalate quickly with the $150k GTD Matterhorn on April 9, the $350k GTD Mont Blanc and the $500k Elbrus.

The monster peaks await on April 10 with the biggest buy-ins and biggest money on the table. Kilimanjaro is first with a $700 buy-in and $750k GTD, Denali offers the PLO peak with a $1,050 buy-in and $500 GTD and the $1.5M Mount Everest Main Event finishes things off.

If you can't swing the $2,100 buy-in for the main event, low-stakes satellites are running now.

Check the full Mountain Series schedule below and sign-up for a new PokerStars account via our review page to be eligible for our exclusive freerolls.


TournamentBuy-inStart DateStart TimeGtd Prize Pool
Sugarloaf [SE] $11 April 7 14:00 $100,000
Snaefell NLHE [PSKO] $33 April 7 16:00 $100,000
Olympus NLHE [9-Max, Freezeout] $55 April 8 14:00 $100,000
Fuji NLHE [6-Max, 8-min levels] $109 April 8 16:00 $100,000
Matterhorn PLO [6-Max, 3-stack] $215 April 9 12:00 $150,000
Mont Blanc NLHE [PSKO] $320 April 9 14:00 $350,000
Elbrus NLHE [8-Max, Re-Entry] 2-Day $530 April 9 16:00 $500,000
Kilimanjaro NLHE [9-Max, Freezeout] $700 April 10 12:00 $750,000
Denali PLO [6-Max, Rebuys] $1,050 April 10 13:00 $500,000
Mount Everest Main Event [Re-Entry] $2,100 April 10 14:30 $1,500,000

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