Submit Questions and Hands for Monthly Strategy Q&A with BlackRain79

Nathan Williams Thailand
Nathan Williams now lives and grinds online in Thailand.

Canadian Nathan “BlackRain79” Williams has played millions of hands at the micro-stakes and he's teaming up with to answer your poker strategy questions.

Williams has racked up the highest winrate ever at the lowest stakes on PokerStars and now you can take advantage of his vast experience by sending us your questions.

Whether it's a specific hand, how to manage your bankroll or how to find the best freerolls and promotions, Williams will tell you what it's taken him years to learn.

To submit your questions leave us a comment in this article, tweet us @PokerListings, post on our facebook wall, or email us directly.

Every month we'll select the most compelling questions and send them all the way to Thailand where BlackRain79 lives and grinds online.

If you're serious about improving your winrate at the micro-stakes, we strongly recommend buying BlackRain79's seminal book Crushing the Microstakes available via his website here.

And keep an eye out for the sequel which is hitting online shelves soon.

Micro-Stakes Strategy Crash Course on PokerListings

Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams' new book hits online shelves soon.

In addition to the monthly Q&A with Blackrain79, PokerListings is creating our own crash-course for winning at micro-stakes online poker.

PokerListings writer Paul Verheij takes you through ultra-low-stakes online cash games one street at a time starting with how to play pre-flop.

As Paul explains, the micro-stakes are a completely different world even compared to the low stakes. The micros are full of beginners which means you can learn some easy ways to increase your winrate.

Keep an eye on our Poker Strategy section for upcoming installments in that series and check out our comprehensive online poker room reviews to find out which site might be right for you.

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