SUAB offers poker without losing money

Card players gathered in the Student Union Atrium Friday and Saturday nights.

The tournament kicked off Friday night at 9 with more than 100 students showing up to play. Students were asked to sign up for the free tournament earlier in the week because only 64 spots were available.

Students who did not sign up were told by SUAB members that they could play only if the people who signed up to participate did not show up. 'I played in the tournament this weekend because playing poker for free is better than losing $40 when I play with my buddies,' said Jason Unruh, biosystems engineering junior. Unruh placed fifth in the tournament.

The first round on Friday night consisted of eight tables of poker with eight students playing at each table. The eight players who won at their tables Friday returned Saturday night for the final round at 7.

On Saturday, the top four players took home prizes which included a 27-inch television, a surround sound system, an MP3 player and a digital camera. Winners chose which prize they wanted out of the four available.

Kyle Roberson, civil engineering freshman, won first place in the tournament and took the television. Political science sophomore Michael Stephens won second place, winning the MP3 player. Aviation junior Kellen Keeter won third place, taking the digital camera and finance junior Jim Shaw won fourth place and took home the surround sound system.

'I came to the poker tournament because free poker is something I will never pass up,' said Stephens. 'I play poker a lot online and play in the Student Union poker tournaments whenever they have them. Last semester when I played in this tournament, I won second place at my table in the first round.'

SUAB organizes many different activities such as bingo nights, movies and concerts throughout the school year for students to participate in.

'Activities like poker tournaments give students a way to have fun on campus and to enjoy being here,' said Brandon Armstrong, SUAB outdoor chairman and marketing sophomore. 'They give students something to do other than school work.'

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