Students turning to poker to offset tuition costs

The popularity of online poker is growing, especially among college students who are now using it to supplement their income and help pay their college tuition.

NewsChannel15 in Cleveland, Ohio, reported this week that some students are looking at online poker playing as a part-time job rather than entertainment. One student said when he's not in class, you'll find him playing poker for up to four to five hours at a time. He said that tuition is so out of control that students have to find other ways to make money while they're at school.

Ohio State University surveyed students at their school as well as two others to find out what their gambling habits are like. Of the 3,500 students that responded, 14% said they've gambled online.

The online gaming industry has also recognized the college student market and is helping fill that cash need for students. tuition paid for a semester.

Jason Reindorp, a representative from Absolute Poker, said the site is responding to the college student demand and that the students on the site are very responsible and know what they're getting into.

There is concern that students could be getting themselves in over their heads, putting themselves in debt in their efforts to make some easy money. However, most sites, including Absolute Poker, include information on responsible gambling.

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