Student robs bank to feed poker habit

Greg Hogan, the son of a Baptist minister and a Lehigh University sophomore class president, was arrested last Friday after robbing a local bank and walking away with $2,871, it has been revealed. Authorities have announced he is being charged for robbery, theft by unlawful taking, and receiving stolen property. Hogan's attorney blames his client's behavior on an out-of-control online poker addition.

According to reports, Hogan was driven to a local Wachovia Bank branch in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, by a friend, Kip Wallen, on Friday. He allegedly entered the establishment and handed a note to a teller claiming he was carrying a gun and demanding money. Hogan was arrested hours later at orchestra rehearsal. The FBI has confirmed he did not have a weapon during the robbery.

Needless to say, police are confused about the student's motive. "The fact that he's a 19-year-old college student coming from an affluent family...He just does not fit your typical profile of someone robbing a bank," said Ron Manescu, Allentown's assistant chief of police.

But, according to John Waldron, Hogan's attorney, the motive is clear. "He owed some money. He chose this route - a bank robbery - to try to pay some gambling debts rather than talk to his family members, borrow money." Hogan was studying for a double major at the university, and apparently indulged in online poker to ease the stress of academic life. His hobby, however, turned dangerous and he soon racked up debts of $5,000.

Hogan admitted to the crime and was released on Saturday after his family forked over the $100,000 bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 31. If Hogan is found guilty, the maximum penalty he could face is 20 years in jail. He has been suspended from his fraternity and has stopped attending classes. His future at the school is largely dependant on the outcome of the trial.

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