Student Poker Championships ace mid-term

With grad students and young guns rolling to wins in major live tournaments recently, grizzled pros are likely wishing their foes were back in school, beating each other up in the ongoing Victor Chandler Student Poker Championships instead.

The tourney has just passed the halfway point and things, as they say, are starting to get interesting in the third annual championship.

Over 50 online qualifiers have run since October and over 50 more are scheduled through March, leading to an online semi-final in April and an 18-player televised final still to be announced.

About $100,000 will be paid out by the end, through a couple of different formats. Cash will be pocketed by pock-marked students all the way along the online qualifiers, with $20 grand specifically earmarked for the winner of the live final.

There's also an Inter University Competition on the go, with $10,000 in cash for the winning school and $500 each and 10 seats to the semi-final for the top players.

Over 70 universities are throwing down, from as far afield as Sweden, the Netherlands and Canada. Last year's champ, Warwick, is in the lead with 781 points, with Essex right behind them with 615.

There are still plenty of chances to get in on the action, and for more information on getting your school involved, visit Victor Chandler Poker.

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