Stuart Fox wins inaugural ONPC

The Hotel Majestic in Barcelona, Spain, turned out to be a lucky location for Stuart Fox as he faced off in-person against 44 other players to win the Ongame Network Poker Classic (ONPC) Monday.

Stuart Fox takes home $239,383.75 and a gold and ruby card protector trophy after the two-day live finish of what started as an online poker tournament.

On Day 2 of the final, play came down to nine players at the final table. Those players were:

  • Oskar "KalleAnkPank" Nilsson
  • Stuart "foxystong" Fox
  • Klaus "samson49" Madsen
  • David "Davidp18" Peters
  • Douglas "deadblind" Smith
  • Mick "Riverroe0" McCloskey
  • Ben "KILL U" Blair
  • David "Stuart531" Whalen
  • James "jimdownunder" Honeybone

After 13 hours of play in Day 1, it took another 10 hours in Day 2 to work down to heads-up play between Fox and Blair.

Fox had battled his way from near the bottom of the chip count going into the final table. When play got to heads-up, his chip count of $615,000 was still behind Blair's $750,000.

Fox, who had two final table finishes at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) this year, has plenty of tournament experience both online and offline that helped him pull off the win despite being behind.

The final table results were as follows:

1stStuart Fox $239,383.75
2nd Ben Blair $199,383.75
3rd Klaus Madsen $113,244.50
4th David Whalen $99,034
5th James Honeybone $84,970
6th Mick McCloskey $70,759.50
7th David Peters $56,549
8th Douglas Smith $42,485
9th Oskar Nilsson $35,453

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