Struggling husband wins "Gambler of the Week" accolade has awarded its most recent "Gambler of the Week" accolade to a husband who is sleeping on his roof in protest of his wife's actions in the bedroom, it was announced by the online poker room today. The "Gambler of the Week" title is bestowed upon any person who performs a risky, heroic, foolish, or overall gutsy act during the previous week.

James Wilson, who recently launched his own blog and was featured on the Geraldo Rivera show, is suffering from a significant lack of intimacy with his wife, Valentina Wilson, because she allows their two young children to sleep in their bedroom every night.

Valentina, apparently oblivious to her husband's frustration, insists, "We get all the intimacy we need." In a desperate display of disagreement, James has moved to the roof of his house where he is camping out in a tent in protest of his wife's actions.

Maria Marmo, Head of Media Relations for, says: "I saw this story and just laughed out loud. This was a winner for the 'Gambler of the Week' contest because they are both gambling with their marriage. I got a combo out of this story."

"I am no one to judge, but something is definitely wrong, and what's at risk right now is more than just the bedroom."

Mr. Wilson calls his wife stubborn and refuses to get off the roof until things change. Marmo adds: "He is up against one tough cookie, but I truly hope these two work it out."

"Mr. Wilson will receive merchandise and gift certificates to use on our website; maybe that will keep him entertained while he is on the roof."

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