Limit Seven-Card Stud Beginners Guide Part 3

Building a Mountain

Part two of our beginners guide to Stud detailed some common mistakes, starting hands and the concept of stealing antes. In the final part we'll explore how to play the different types of starting hands.


Here are a few computer simulations of interesting hand matchups:

Hand A Hand B Dead Cards Win Percentage
(A A) 7 (Q Q) 7 None Hand A wins 66.6%
(A A) 7 (Q Q) 7 None Hand A wins 63.9%
(A A) 6 (9 9) J None Hand A wins 61.4%
(K K) 8 (Q Q) A None Hand A wins 55.8%
(A A) 7 (J 6) 2 5, Q Hand A wins 72.7%

The Effects of Dead Cards

Below are a number of tables displaying how your chances of making a certain hand change, depending on the number of dead cards.

Hand: Three-Flush Chances of a Flush (%)
0 Dead Cards 23.6%
1 Dead Cards 19.6%
2 Dead Cards 15.8%
3 Dead Cards 12.3%
4 Dead Cards 9.1%
Hand: (5 5) A Chances of Aces Up or Trips (%)
Number of aces and fives out: 0 41.0%
Number of aces and fives out: 1 34.1%
Number of aces and fives out: 2 26.5%
Number of aces and fives out: 3 18.3%
Number of aces and fives out: 4 10.5%
Hand: (6 7) 8 9 Chances of a straight (%)
Number of fives and tens out: 0 49.8%
Number of fives and tens out: 1 44.8%
Number of fives and tens out: 2 39.4%
Number of fives and tens out: 3 33.8%
Number of fives and tens out: 4 27.8%

Stud is one of the oldest forms of poker, and still a favorite game to many. Next time you're spreading a home-game, add some stud into your rotation and you'll be glad you did.

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Jaime Mika 2012-09-30 13:49:00

Texas holdem; The board showed a straight club flush w 9 high?

Player 1 had: a of hearts and 9 of diamonds
Player 2 had: A of Clubs and j of spades

who wins the hand?

Sean Lind 2009-01-06 18:34:00

You can only use 5 cards to make a hand in Stud, meaning your dad was correct. In the event of two players holding the same straight flush (all 5 cards have to have the same rank, such as both players holding 4-5-6-7-8), the pot is split.

Suits are never taken into account for deciding a winning hand in Seven Card Stud either.

john 2009-01-04 17:33:00

hi my dad an me had an identical straight flush in seven card stud.... he argued that we split the pot and i argued that we use the sixth card as a "kicker tie breaker" what is the ruling on this?


john allen

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