Strassmann Search Continues; Unidentified Body Pulled From River

Johannes Strassmann

While the search continues for missing poker pro Johannes Strassmann, Slovenian police have pulled an unidentified man's body from the Ljubljanica River in Llubljana.

According to Slovenian media reports the body was found on the banks of the river early this morning but due to its condition DNA testing is required to ascertain its identity.

Duc Ngo, a friend of Strassmann's who has traveled to Ljubljana to aid in the search, posted the following update to the Missing Johannes Strasmann Facebook page (Translated by Bing):

"To all friends... I am now ahead in Ljubljana and sister met with the mother and the two. Unfortunately, there were no good news today when I arrived.

"It was found a male body of water in the morning, but this is so swollen and disfigured, you say no could meet, whether it is Johannes. now, we have to wait 24 h - 48 h on a dna analysis. but as long as there is no clear indication, we will continue with the search.

"of course, we hope that the note yesterday that should have called someone in the woods, is true and that body swollen up would not (be Johannes). Please let us all pray for Johannes and his family."

Police say the DNA results are expected within 24-48 hours.

Strassmann was reported missing on June 22, 24 hours after friends say he ducked down an alleyway late at night in the capital of Ljubljana without warning.

A later report suggested a German voice was heard in a nearby forest saying, "I'm here, I'm hungry" while friends searched for him but no one could be found.


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Markus 2014-06-27 13:15:11

You spelled "Ljubljana" wrong, fix it. ;)

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