Stout stalls, Landry wins WSOPC Tunica

The Ring's The Thing!
William Landry glad-hands the suit after winning the ring.

William "Kai" Landry caught cards all night, repeatedly coming from behind on his way to victory at the 2009 WSOPC main event in Tunica Wednesday.

Landry, a 37-year-old amateur poker player from Biloxi, sucked out twice on PokerListings blogger Matt Stout before defeating David "Diggy" Dao in heads-up play to claim his first WSOP Circuit title.

The champ earns $183,974 in prize money, a WSOPC ring and entry into this summer's $10,000 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas.

Dao, a retired physician, takes $117,744 for his second-place finish. Stout finished in third place, winning $73,590.

Six hours before his victory, Landry entered play at Wednesday's final table fourth of nine finalists and twice found himself on the brink of elimination before hitting running cards to stay alive.

Both hands were against Stout, and the second one crippled the Internet icon. Stout had entered the day as prohibitive chip leader, but never found a way to finish off either Landry or Dao, both of whom played a maniacal and hyperaggressive strategy.

Landry, who listed his occupation as "assistant whale fisherman," before amending that to "assistant giraffe herder," explained that his strategy was fairly simple in the early going.

"I just wanted to stay away from Stout and [online pro] Mike ['GoLeafsGoEh' Leah] for as long as possible."

Matt Stout
Stout found himself consistently facing down Dao's massive all-in three-bets.

He'd manage to avoid both players over the course of a whirlwind first hour of play that saw Frank Wyville, Brian McCoy and Glynn Hyde all consigned to the rail. But shortly after that,  he found himself all-in bad with K-J against Stout's A-7.

Stout flopped an ace, but Landry turned a jack and rivered a third to make trips and double through.

Action thus proceeded six-handed, with Dao confounding his opponents by open-shoving the majority of the hands he played, massively overbetting the pot and hitting one miracle suck-out after another.

After Mike Leah fell in sixth, Landry found himself all-in behind yet again, his K 3 up against Jeremy Byrum's pocket queens, but spiked a king on fourth street to take the pot and cripple his rival.

"[Byrum] was a slight favorite," Landry joked after the match.

Landry would remain short-stacked, but after Byrum fell in fifth place, he'd win a race against Dao with jacks against big slick to pull back within striking distance of the lead.

Dao, meanwhile, was continuing to work his magic on Stout, relieving the latter of the chip lead when his 6 2 held up against Stout's A Q after he got all-in on the flop of a 7 5 2 3 5 board.

Moment of Truth!
Moment of truth!

Landry would cripple, and then eliminate, Leonard Eidson in fourth place but would suffer a massive setback shortly thereafter, losing a $1.8 million pot to Dao after calling his rival's all-in with pocket fours against K-T on a ten-high flop.

The Mississippi native, who says he learned his game at the Beau Rivage, where the "weekly tournaments have been good practice," was down to scratch, but engineered his second come-from-behind victory by hitting a runner-runner club flush to take the wind out of Stout's sails again.

Stout would go broke a few hands later, losing a race with A-Q against Landry's pocket sevens and setting up the brief heads-up match.

The two players began fairly even in chips, but Landry quickly took the lead after doubling with queens against fours, and sealed the victory shortly thereafter.

The climactic hand saw Landry somehow convince his rival to commit the last of his stack holding J 7 on a K T 4 A board while he himself held Q J for the broadway straight.

Dao needed a diamond to stay alive, but the river was the 6 and Landry had clinched the title.

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