Starrs plays like a pro at Scottish amateur event

Phil Starrs is Scotland's amateur poker champion, after defeating true newcomer James Eccles in heads-up play Sunday.

The Whitburn native won the 2007 Scottish Amateur Poker Championship, £3,000, and a seat at next year's European Poker Tour final event following two days of play at the Gala Maybury Casino in Edinburgh this weekend.

Starrs was lagging behind in the chip count, though not by much, going into heads-up play with Alloa's James Eccles, who was competing live for only the second time after taking up poker 18 months ago.

Some aggressive play allowed Starrs to regain control of the table and deal his opponent some serious blows to the stack.

The hand that sealed his fate, however, saw Eccles go all in on a 10-9-7 flop with a Q-J to Starrs's 10-8. The turn and river were blanks, giving Starrs the title and Eccles a £1,750 prize for second place at the Amateur Poker Association and Tour event.

Final standings are as follows:

1stPhil StarrsWhitburn
2nd James Eccles Alloa
3rd Richard Davies Reading
4th Philip Toomer Doncaster
5th Stephen Patterson Stirling
6th Steve Talbot Doncaster
7th Alan Brady Hawick
8th Duncan Hodgkins Stratford-upon-Avon
9th Charlie Curtis Doncaster

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